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Danielle Snyder

I’m Danielle (Danni) Snyder and I’m a BOXERINA. If you’re here, you are too. As a former pole vaulter and athlete, I struggled to find my “team” when I moved to NYC in 2008.


A feel-good ballet meets boxing inspired workout with an emphasis on low impact elegant toning movements utilizing the weight of the body.

The inspiration behind the method I tried every workout imaginable and it wasn’t until my herniated disc (L4/L5) that i started to slow down and reassess my work outs. I realized the combination of boxing at Tribeca Sports Center with my coach Carlos Ferrer paired with Pilates was the magic recipe. Get started
The BOXERINA Effect I was more toned than I’d ever been and wasn’t always swollen, misaligned and fatigued from constant high intensity workouts. More importantly my body felt good and my posture was better that it had ever been. Sign up now


Cut to 2013 Fashion Week. My sister and I have the label DANNIJO and we didn’t want to do just another fashion week show. We had recently sat next to Misty Copeland at an ABT event. Immediately I recognized her as a Boxerina - someone that was at once elegant and graceful but also powerful and badass. Our meeting ended up inspiring DANNIJO’s SS 2014 fashion show aptly entitled Boxerina wherein we partnered with ABT and had ballerinas dancing in and outside of a boxing ring dripping in DANNIJO - point shoes hanging from the ceiling and boxing gloves dangling from the ring.

BOXERINA was born That SS14 show was my aha moment. Boxerina was everything I loved: movement, an aesthetic, a soundtrack and a way of being. I started creating workout sequences that borrowed elements from pilates and boxing and the elegance and grace of ballet and voila: BOXERINA WAS BORN. Get started