The Method Founded by Danielle (Danni) Snyder, Boxerina is at once a movement, an aesthetic, a soundtrack and a way of being. A feel-good ballet meets boxing inspired workout with an emphasis on low impact elegant toning movements utilizing the weight of the body.

Why is the BOXERINA site in BETA?

We have been planning to build this site for some time now, however, when the pandemic hit, forcing people into quarantine, we decided not to let perfection become the enemy of progress. So we decided to release the site early and provide a discounted rate to join early.

When was BOXERINA created?

That SS14 show was my aha moment. Boxerina was everything I loved: movement, an aesthetic, a soundtrack and a way of being. I started creating workout sequences that borrowed elements from pilates and boxing and the elegance and grace of ballet and voila: BOXERINA WAS BORN.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Logged in customers can navigate to the user dashboard via the My Account or Dashboard link
  2. From the user dashboard, click on Billing
  3. In the Billing view, locate the active subscription and click on Change Plan
  4. Click Cancel Membership. Once this step is complete, the subscription will be officially canceled and the customer will not be charged for the subscription in future months.